These factors in the shredder should be checked as soon as possible

    With the implementation of environmental protection policy, double shaft shredder is not only the equipment for shredding waste materials, but also the indispensable equipment in material crushing. The application scope of the double shaft shredder is also very wide. In the application, the double shaft shredder needs to pay attention to many matters, especially the voltage stability in the process of use.

    Unstable voltage of double shaft shredder may cause the following consequences:

    1. Uneven discharge and even blocking

    Unstable voltage will first affect the safety and stability of the motor, uneven rotating speed, fast and slow, and then make the obtained material uneven. In the case of uneven feeding, it is easier to block, forming that the cavity is filled with unfinished materials. In serious cases, many blocking may lead to shutdown or motor temperature rise.

    2. Damage of belt or sprocket

    When the voltage is unstable, the transmission is somewhat tight, resulting in too loose belt, and slipping may occur after a long time. Therefore, when the voltage stability cannot be guaranteed, some drives need to be debugged frequently.

    3. The motor is not fixed stably

    When the voltage is stable, with the change of the force received by the transmission, the fixed point of the original motor will be displaced and the base screw will be loose. Therefore, it is necessary to often check whether there are problems.

    As an important equipment for environmental protection and energy saving, the double shaft shredder needs to maintain a stable voltage to produce. In this way, the waste materials can have a good shredding effect and create greater economic value for our users.

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