What is the reason for the blockage of the feed inlet of the shredder?

    What is the reason for the blockage of the feed inlet of the shredder?

    In the process of feeding the shredder, some users will have the phenomenon of blocking the feed inlet, which brings great trouble to users and manufacturers. Facing this situation, most of the reasons are caused by the operator's forced feeding, transverse feeding and the blockage of ultra thick materials. What is a good way to avoid blocking the shredder inlet?

    After communicating with each other, the technicians and production personnel of Yingshi machinery have concluded the following conclusions on how to avoid blocking at the feed inlet of the shredder.

    1. Reasonably control the feeding amount and prohibit large bundles of materials from entering the machine directly;

    2. Ensure that the material is fed along the length direction and avoid transverse feeding;

    3. The material is stuck between the upper roller and the sparse plate of a pair of rollers arranged for feeding, and can only be poked down with a wooden stick;

    4. Do not poke with iron parts to avoid falling into the machine and causing serious accidents.

    5. Under normal conditions, the defect of shredder can be effectively avoided by ensuring that the input wood thickness is less than 12cm.

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