What is the main difference between single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder?

    The difference between single shaft and double shaft shredders lies in the power shredding system.

    In a single shaft machine, there is only one tearing shaft in the middle to rotate and tear articles. In the case of two shafts, two tearing shafts rotate to tear up the articles.

    Then we can ask: is the biaxial better than the uniaxial?

    No, first, it depends on the material of the blades used by the two machines.

    Second, it depends on how the blades are arranged on the rotating shaft.

    Third, it depends on the material of the torn material.

    So don't easily believe which is good. You need to see for the truth. Take the materials to test the machine in person. The one with good effect is the one you should choose.

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