Crushing of industrial and hazardous wastes

    Burning problems of uncrushed materials:

    1. The material is too large and too long, and the feed size is larger than the kiln mouth size, so it cannot be burned in the kiln;

    2. Insufficient incineration of large materials into the kiln, reducing the incineration efficiency;

    Yuzhuo solution:

    One stop elevator + crusher + fire fighting system equipment. Solve the problem of pretreatment before incineration, realize the uniformity of material particle size, and facilitate the transportation and incineration of subsequent materials.

    Detailed material:

    ① Break large pieces of material into small pieces

    ② Solve the problem that large materials cannot be fed and blocked.

    Convenient material transportation:

    ① Uniform material size after crushing

    ② Convenient for grab or conveyor conveying

    ③ It is convenient for mixing and conveying of rear mixer and solid pump

    Characteristics of hazardous waste crushing system

    ※ driven by imported hydraulic system, it can crush full barrels of materials.

    ※ imported hydraulic components are adopted, and the maximum working pressure is 35MPa.

    ※ automatic overload protection to protect key components from damage.

    ※ European imported cutting tools, broken metal does not break.

    ※ the tool can be repaired by surfacing to reduce the use cost.

    ※ the bearing has four seals, which is suitable for complex working conditions.

    ※ automatic fire fighting system to ensure the safe operation of the system.

    ※ repair the displacement guide rail to ensure the safety of workers repairing the cutter box.

    ※ hydraulic discharge door to reduce the labor intensity of workers.

    ※ the hydraulic press can crush hard materials without slipping.

    ※ Siemens Schneider components ensure the stability of equipment operation.

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